Chasing A Sub 30 Min 5K & Animal Drills Are Awesome, I Love Bear Crawls!

Today was a beautiful spring morning. My morning training routine has going well. I've been chasing a sub 30 min 5K and my time has been decreasing with my increasing fitness. I'm so close that I can taste it! I've been researching and studying how to get better at running and it is paying off!

Also I've been training animal drills and bear crawls are awesome! They have been doing wonders on my shoulders and legs. I've been increasing my time and getting stronger at it was well. My goal is to get up to 30 mins of bear crawls.

I want to be an absolutely superior warrior the next time I compete. My past tournament training routine is currently my daily training routine. I've learned my lessons from my past defeats and that no matter how strong I get, a stronger fighter is always just over the horizon!


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