Master Alma Qualli's Last Kata Class at The Philadelphia Judo Club

Tuesday, July 25th, 2017 Master Alma Qualli stepped down as Head Kata instructor at the Philadelphia Judo Club.

Alma's presences will be missed and her technical instruction can never be replaced. She has traveled the world learning from famous and legendary such as Keiko Fukuda and many Olympic Judo champions. Her passion for Judo has lead to 27 years at the Philadelphia Judo Club.

I am deeply regretful that I could not have spent enough time under her instruction. Each and every interaction with her has elevated my depth and understanding of Judo. Almas technical knowledge and since of humor is legendary.

I make it a point to always bring my best technique when I am under the watchful eye of Alma. She expects the best from us and it is well understood.

Congratulations on your new life, career and relationship!

Thank you Master Alma!

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